60 years ago, our five company founders laid the foundation for the Müller-BBM Group, which is still successful today. The five far-sighted heads at that time have become hundreds, all of them form the portraits of the company founders (picture above). They had a significant influence on the company and created a set of values that is still lived today and has now been updated with the following guiding principles.

Guiding Principles of the Müller-BBM Group

In our guiding principles, we define values that apply to everyone in the Müller-BBM Group. The guiding principles point the way to a future-oriented development of our group of companies. They serve as a compass for daily interaction and provide guidance for action to shape the future of the Müller-BBM Group with trust, respect, and courage. With our guiding principles, we communicate our standards both internally and externally.

Excellence and the Courage to Try Something New Are Our Foundation.

Since our founding in 1962, competence and a high level of innovative strength have characterized our corporate history. We strive for technological leadership and economic success. These are the driving forces behind our actions. We are united by common values and solidarity within our group of companies.​

Together with Our Customers, We Are a Strong Team.

We stand for high-quality, innovative solutions that we develop with our customers. We think interconnectedly and act reliably, goal-oriented and flexibly. We have the courage to approach tasks unconventionally - in the sense of the best solution for our customers.​

Our Employees Are Our Most Valuable Asset.​

We create a trusting and open working environment that offers freedom for everyone. We support our employees in their personal and professional development and share responsibility for secure and sustainable jobs.​

We Belong to Ourselves.​

Our employees are owners of the Müller-BBM Group - this ensures that they benefit from our success, guaranteeing our independence. Our value system includes participation, entrepreneurial thinking and transparency in decision-making processes. ​
With a high degree of personal responsibility and individual commitment, we contribute to the economic stability and success of our group of companies.​

We Meet Each Other at Eye Level.​

We communicate openly, are honest, fair and authentic - with each other, with our customers and with our business partners. We treat each other with respect and rely on respect, trust, and commitment.​

We Take Responsibility for the Future.​

For us, sustainability means thinking and acting with foresight - relating to the entire value chain. In doing so, we align ourselves with ambitious ecological, social, and ethical goals. ​

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