Special honor for the company founder:
Helmut-A.-Müller-Strasse for the company headquarters in Planegg

On the occasion of the completed new building, the private cul-de-sac to the ensemble of buildings of the company headquarters in Planegg now also gets the appropriate name: In future, the address of the Müller-BBM Group will be Helmut-A.-Müller-Strasse 1 - 5 instead of Robert-Koch-Strasse 11 - 13. The founder of the company, Helmut A. Müller, was given a special honor by this unanimous decision of the Planegg municipal council.

Norbert Suritsch, Chairman of the Board of Müller-BBM Holding AG, and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Müller, son of the company's founder, used their participation in the municipal council meeting on 29 October 2020 to present the company's history and current developments in more detail. In the middle of the year, the now 7th construction phase of a building ensemble that has grown since the seventies was occupied, in which the current requirements for a modern working environment with new working worlds were realized. The individual construction phases are grouped around an attractive central square which, with its greenery and seating, will become a lively meeting place for the almost 400 employees at the Müller-BBM Group headquarters, but also for external visitors.

"We are deeply aware of the symbolic power and responsibility that our company plays a major role in Planegg, both economically and socially," says Norbert Suritsch, Chairman of the Board of Management, about the decision of the municipality of Planegg to give Müller-BBM Group its own street name. "It is also a great motivation to grow in the spirit of Helmut A. Müller: with a unique employee participation model that promotes commitment, fairness and humanity while ensuring sustainable, secure jobs." With more than 1,100 employees worldwide and an annual turnover expected to be around 150 million euros, the Müller-BBM Group remains on course for success in the 2020 financial year despite the Corona pandemic.

Company founder Helmut A. Müller moved from Munich to Planegg in 1976 with about 50 colleagues into a newly built office building in the Steinkirchen industrial estate that was being developed at the time. He had already founded the company in 1962 as Müller-BBN GmbH. 10 years later, it was renamed Müller-BBM due to the exit of Bolt Beranek Newman Inc. (BBN). The company grew steadily - locally in Planegg, but also internationally. In the meantime, 29 companies at over 30 locations worldwide belong to the Müller-BBM family. "From the very beginning, my father attached great importance to the fact that the employees share in the success and thus not only think entrepreneurially, but also develop a high degree of loyalty," says Professor Gerhard Müller, Chairman of the Müller-BBM Group Supervisory Board and Vice President of the Technical University of Munich.

HAM, as the company founder Helmut A. Müller, who died in 2015, was appreciatively called by colleagues and employees with his initials, was a thoroughbred acoustician with a wide range of projects: He brought his expertise to the construction of famous opera houses and theatres as well as to the planning of power plants or ships. From the engineering services, the portfolio of the group of companies continued to expand. Thus, software products for the automotive industry were developed and sound insulation solutions in plant construction were designed - with a variety of highly interesting jobs.

Like almost all acousticians, Müller loved music and taught at the violin making school in Mittenwald and at the Munich University of Applied Sciences as an honorary professor. The family man with 4 children and 13 grandchildren remained loyal to his company until his death in 2015 as the main shareholder of Müller-BBM Holding AG. His life's work was already honored with the Federal Cross of Merit in 2005. Now the company headquarters in Planegg will also have the corresponding address with the name of the revered company founder: Helmut-A.-Müller-Str. 1 - 5.


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