Change in the Executive Board of Müller-BBM AG as of 01 July 2024

From 1 July 2024, two new Executive Board members will take over the management of Müller-BBM AG alongside Dr Peter Romanow. Norbert Suritsch and Josef Hobelsberger hand over to Joachim Bittner and Dr Rolf Schirmacher.

Peter Romanow takes over as Chairman of the Executive Board.

All three Executive Board members will retain their management positions in subsidiaries of Müller-BBM AG and manage the respective divisions.

The two new Executive Board members have been very successful in various roles within the Müller-BBM Group for over 20 years and have held a high level of management responsibility in recent years. "We are convinced that this new team with very experienced colleagues will ensure the continued successful development of the Müller-BBM Group. The combination of operational management tasks in the three divisions of the Müller-BBM Group with the joint management activities in Müller-BBM AG will ensure that the highly successful diversified positioning of the Müller-BBM Group is competently reflected in the future Executive Board," explained the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Müller-BBM AG, Prof. Dr-Ing. Gerhard Müller.

Norbert Suritsch stands like no other for the expansion of Müller-BBM's range of activities beyond acoustic issues into the field of environmentally relevant emissions. He took on overarching responsibility from 1992, first as an authorized representative and 20 years ago as Managing Director of Müller-BBM GmbH. He continued his work in the Müller-BBM Group in 2013 as Chairman of Executive Board of the former holding company, at times in dual roles as Managing Director, first at Ingenieurbüro Müller-BBM, later at Müller-BBM Projektmanagement and on an interim basis at BBM Akustik Technologie. He is now entering his well-deserved retirement.

Following the development phase of the PAK measurement and analysis system, which he organised in the 1980s, Josef Hobelsberger has worked continuously within the Müller-BBM Group as Managing Director since the spin-off of Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH over a period of 27 years and as a member of the Executive Board since 2013. In the transition to his retirement, he will fulfil various tasks within Müller-BBM AG in close coordination with the Executive Board.

The Supervisory Board and Executive Board would like to thank Norbert Suritsch and Josef Hobelsberger for their great commitment, their far-sighted decisions and the decisive impetus they have given to the very successful and sustainable development of the Müller-BBM Group.

From left to right: Joachim Bittner, Peter Romanow, Rolf Schirmacher

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